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Hey there! Looks like you are pretty much a Shopaholic! Check out my blog and lemme know how much we would vibe on the grounds of shopping

My mind went crazy and came up with so many startup ideas. All I could think of was just put a start with online shopping. In the quarantine period, everyone is missing the feeling of going to a H&M store and putting on funky dresses or the feeling of going into the crowded roads of Sarojini Market in Delhi or Commercial Street in Bangalore!  Ah, it hurts to think of those beautiful days!

But, Can we now imagine a world where we can’t buy new clothes? For so many people, shopping is like yoga. It brings peace 😛 But right now, To the rescue, we have got Online Shopping, and the feeling of relief is pretty much the same when they get the package in our hands! Trust me, there could not be a single person who would Keep away the package and get on with other works! All you do is grab a pair of scissors and cut the box right away, maybe even tear it off ( impatient ones like me would), and try it right away! To be more precise, I have felt like I have surprised myself at times! It’s just like the extra spoon of Maggi u leave on the Tawa and once u are done with the plate, you go surprise yourself with it 😛 

Right now, I hope the craving for Maggi and online shopping would have been triggered by the dopamine 😛 Which exactly is what I wanted to put you through whilst reading this article!

Now, let us compare the surprised feeling of Receiving a package from H&M which has been designed at least a few months before, and there would be mass production and so many people would own the same piece of design that you have, to the feeling of Customizing your own dress to the mood or theme of the current trending gigs or some exclusive prints which belong just to you and having a solo copy of the dress!  The latter is exciting, isn’t it? Oh, I know the feeling of owning a tattoo that I have customized for myself. There’s purely a unique meaning and bond with the tattoo. The same goes for customized tees!

And that’s exactly what we are offering. You can always pour in ideas and we would get it customized and available for you to wear! Isn’t it pretty cool! We, designers, have given a lot of thought and have experimented with many such customized tees and got very great responses from customers who have taken bulk orders with us! Check out the gallery section for pretty cool stuff and drop in your ideas and We would call you up and discuss it and get it customized for you!

Sounds good right! Yaay!! Let’s get this started! 😊

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